Monday, August 13, 2012

Glynnis's Second Quilt

Remember Glynnis?  Well, she loved her quilt so much that she decided to do one for her friend who recently lost her husband.  So she sent all his shirts to me and I created this:

 These are all taken from button down shirts, mostly long-sleeved

The color and variety are so fun!

 The long view.

And the back.  I used a piece of khaki colored cotton 
as it's a color that goes with everything (hence khaki pants).

 And I was able to use the sleeves of a few of the shirts 
as the edging on the back since the piece of fabric wasn't quite wide enough.

All quilts by kate are one-of-a-kind originals. A quilt like this would be priced at $200.

Finished August 2012

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